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You have good fundamental and technical analysis knowledge and now looking for practical implementation

Get real time access to all our current and previous stock, sector and market case studies along with investing and trading learning frameworks, webinars and productivity resources including SIMBA for market tracking and idea generation, Tradingview indicators for idea generation and tracking, excel tools for stock and competitive analysis and much more. We also provide community support through social media community. This is an annual membership.

You are new to investing or trading and do not have good foundational knowledge of investing and trading

80+ hours of foundational content on fundamental analysis, technical analysis, data analysis and techno-funda analysis covered in FUNTECH along with all the offerings under PRACTITIONER MEMBERSHIP content and productivity resources. This is an annual membership.

Blend fundamental and technical skills

90+ hour content consists of 4 key courses - Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, Power BI and Techno Funda Strategy and other important topic specific courses related to techno Funda tools and technology which would help to build market beating return investing and trading strategies. This is a one-time subscription with 3-year access.

Build and Deploy Trading Algorithms

65+ hour content consists of 4 key courses - Technical Analysis, Power BI, Python and Quants Strategy and other important topic specific courses related to algorithm building which would help to build semi-automated to fully automated systematic investing and trading algorithms. This is a one-time subscription with 3-year access.

Combined power of FUNTECH & QUANTECH

All the content covered under FUNTECH and QUANTECH with more than 150+ hours spread across all possible topics of investing, trading and algorithm building available at discounted price to FUNTECH and QUANTECH separately in most comprehensible manner. This is a one-time subscription with 3-year access.

Multi-disciplinary Learning

Continuous Mentoring

Data Based Approach

Tools & Technology Support

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Saurabh and team are amazing with great expertise in the stock market. One of the best learning platforms to learn about fundamental analysis. Easily approachable and regular sessions to clear doubts and guide further on market and concepts



In stock market whether you are into investing or trading, your strategy needs to evolve as market and time demands. Thats what exactly I have learnt from Saurabh during my learning curve on markets. I really love technofunda approach of Saurabh

Dwipal Patel


One of his 1st subscribers, Saurabh, has spent considerable time, effort and thought to set up Scientific Investing and it shows in the content. Highly recommend Scientific Investing to anyone who wants to crack seemingly complex world of investing

Raunaq Sharma


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Meet our founder

Kumar Saurabh, Founder, Scientific Investing has 15+ years of professional experience in Data Science, Finance and Teaching. He has worked with reputed companies like EY, HP, DXC, TCS, ICRA etc. in finance and analytics roles. He is a guest faculty having taught at prestigious institutes like IIT, IIM handling subjects related to analytics and finance. He has been investing in Indian equity market since 2007 with 15 years of rich experience. He brings extensive knowledge across finance and analytics and a practitioner of fundamental analysis, technical analysis and quants investing. He has presented his views on multiple prestigious equity discussion forums including IIC, Elearnmarkets, InvestingHub, Tamilnadu investor Association and other prestigious forums. He has been one of top contributors at Valuepickr community for 2 years. He has been recognized as one of top 40 under 40 data scientists by Analytics India Magazine at MLDS, 2019. He runs a YouTube channel named scientificinvesting with more than 28000 subscribers. He is active on twitter at @suru27 with more than 59000 followers.

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