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Scientific Investing Offerings

    Annual subscription membership focusing on application of fundamental, technical and quants analytics for investing and trading related Indian and global use case analysis covering stocks, sectors and markets. Includes access to analysis videos and notes, PPTs, AR and Con call insights, access to regular community interaction, webinars, guest talk shows and multiple other features. Click on above image to know more or click SI PRACTITIONER CLUB MEMBERSHIP in "Bundles" section below


    Life time membership program for bundled learning tracks (FUNTECH, QUANTECH, HITECH - click above image or below bundle section for details). Bundled Learning Tracks are selectively curated content for hybrid investing or trading styles like technofunda investing, quantitative trading. Subscribers can opt for any of three tracks and  get learning membership benefits including life time access to content and future updates, regular instructor interaction, access to community social media channels, hackathon and other learning events


    A course is content built to cover one single field of study like fundamental analysis, technical analysis etc. or specific tools like ChartInk, Excel, Tradingview etc. These courses are available for independent purchase, however, may also come as part of SI LEARNING CLUB MEMBERSHIP based on respective "Learning Track Bundle" requirement.  Currently, we provide access to 3 courses for independent purchase. Please refer to below "Courses" or click above image and search by "Courses" to know more


    Webinars and Events would be arranged on specific topics or themes based on its relevance and demand. Key is to capture theory and application of investing topics in a focused 2-4 hour sessions. Some of popular webinars earlier arranged by us has been animal healthcare industry webinar, ChartInk trading automation webinar, Insurance Industry Webinar etc. SI practitioner club subscribers will have free access to all the webinars and events. Please refer below "Course" section or click above image and search for courses with "Webinar" tag




Scientific Investing Practitioner Club Membership
  • Company Use Cases

    Annual use case analysis of 20-30 interesting company use cases which fit into Scientific Investing Watchlist criteria leveraging our company analysis framework

  • Sector Use Cases

    Annual use case analysis of few key sectors leveraging  Scientific Investing watchlist criteria and sector research framework

  • Market Coverage

    Analysis of market, index, sector, asset class using our hybrid learning framework including fundamental, technical, quants and machine learning skills

  • Periodic Reviews

    Annual and quarterly analysis of use case companies and sectors through annual report, con call and investor presentation analysis and insights

  • Newsletters

    Access our periodic newsletters which summarizes our views on various topics related to investing, trading and analytics citing data driven insights which can help to shape up your investing and trading styles

  • Regular Meetups

    Interact with our instructors regularly to have exclusive access to discuss learnings from various company, sector, market use cases and newsletter insights

  • Valuation Excels

    Access our valuation excels to understand overall valuation rationale and levers for all the company use cases which one can personalize as per his estimates and assumptions

  • Webinars

    Access previous and current paid webinars without hassle of paying for individual webinars separately along with access to recorded content and supporting documents available at LMS

Scientific Investing Learning Club Membership

  • 120+ Hours Hybrid Content

    Choose from a variety of hybrid learning tracks like technofunda, quantitative investment and trading depending on coding and investing style preferences

  • Community Benefits

    Get exclusive access to various community channels and social media forums for interaction and discussions with like minded folks. Participate and learn from community events like hackathons and group presentations

  • Outcome Driven

     Well defined framework, checklist, screeners and methodologies for buy, sell, risk reward, position sizing, quality ranking, fraud ranking related key decisions for different investing and trading opportunities styles

  • Live Mentorship Sessions

    Interact with mentors regularly to clear various doubts related to lessons and use cases

  • Use Case  Driven

    Rich Indian use cases covering 20 years of financial and trading data and insights, 15+ company use cases, 4+ sector use cases, 300+ charts analyzed, 4 unique trading strategies and 5+ fundamental screens for various investing and trading styles

  • Proprietary Analysis Tools

    Access our proprietary tools built for company analysis, competitive analysis and market analysis to speed up research and analysis process with better productivity

  • Data Driven Learning

    We rely heavily on data and data analysis for our content than any sort of intuition. The data backed hypothesis, testing, validation and conclusion helps to build a solid invetsing or trading foundation.

  • Life Time Access

    Get life time access of content and learn any time, any place as per your convenience. Practice as many times as you want

About us

Kumar Saurabh

Founder, Scientific Investing

Kumar Saurabh has 13+ years of experience in data science and finance. He has been investing in Indian equity market since 2007 with 15 years of rich experience. He brings extensive knowledge across finance and analytics and a practitioner of fundamental analysis, technical analysis and quants investing. He has presented his views on multiple prestigious equity discussion forums including IIC, Elearnmarkets, InvestingHub, Tamilnadu investor Association and other prestigious forums. He has been one of top contributors at Valuepickr community for 2 years. He has been recognized as one of top 40 under 40 data scientists by Analytics India Magazine at MLDS, 2019. He has been visiting faculty to multiple business schools. He blogs at factsbeyondnumbers.wordpress.com with more than 50000+ visitors and runs a YouTube channel named scientificinvesting with more than 10000 subscribers. He is active on twitter at @suru27 with more than 35000 followers




Saurabh and team is amazing with great expertise in the Stock market. One of the best learning platforms to learn about fundamental analysis. Easily approachable and regular sessions to clear doubts. I am sure all the users will find their practical approach a great way to start and take their learning curve to the next level.

Dwipal Patel

Marketing Director

In Stock market whether you are in investing or trading, you can simply follow one strategy. Your strategy need to evolve as market and time demands. That’s exactly I have leaned with Saurabh during my learning curve of the market. I really love the Techno-Funda approach of Saurabh which is highly needed now if you have to make money

Niraj Thacker


Saurabh and team is amazing with great expertise in the Stock market. One of the best learning platforms to learn about fundamental analysis. Easily approachable and regular sessions to clear doubts. I am sure all the users will find their practical approach a great way to start and take their learning curve to the next level

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